Exclusive discounts
for Coverflex customers

Our partner network grows on a weekly basis to add value to our users. On your Coverflex app, you can access our entire range of available discounts and learn how to redeem each of them.
Get up to 15% off on your next stay
Blog post
Over 90 hotels and 40 inns from North to South - which one will you choose?
12% off on your gym membership
1€ off for every meal you order
12% off on every Executive Education program
Blog post
The best weapon to change the world is education. We just make the process easier.
10% off on pharmacies (also works online)
80% off on your first appointment
10% off on the best food your dog has ever tasted
Free delivery on purchases above 50€
Blog post
Staying at home never felt so good, did it?
15% off on pharmacies in the North of Portugal
15% off on minute and hourly rentals
10% off on health & beauty purchases and 5% on all others
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More than 120 thousand products that come to you wherever you are.
10% off to improve your English level
12% off on all fresh smoothie packs
10% off on your wine purchases over 25€
and many more... find them on your App!
Discounts designed for employees
The Coverflex discount is much more than a discount. It gives you access to exclusive perks on the benefits you can enjoy at Coverflex, creating a double saving effect.

Partner discount + Tax exemption = Double savings
Coverflex Partners
Love brands
To dream big, and go further.
Business we believe in
To grow side by side, together.
Impact builders
To do good, with purpose.

Coverflex Plans


The easiest way to award, manage and enjoy multiple benefits, includes our Childcare and Meal services.

per month
per employee


The first fully digital and autonomous experience to issue childcare vouchers.

2% 0%
commission per childcare voucher


The best experience to manage and spend Meal Allowance.

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